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Real-Time Quality Control

Our team of experienced operators are trained to assess data quality at the time of collection, and often the data collection is performed in person by our field geophysicists.

Data is assessed daily by our qualified geophysicists, meaning that verified results are usually available within a few hours of collection.

The Northern Advantage

Based in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, PGI is well-positioned to access many mineral prospects, including the Athabasca Uranium deposits, the La Ronge Gold Belt, the Fort a la Corne Kimberlites, the Flin Flon district, and many other deposits both known and unknown.

Our workforce is comprised almost entirely of northerners, familiar with the unique challenges of working in the north.
We are able to quickly deploy and service self-sufficient camps even in remote areas.

Small Footprint

In our field activities, PGI strives to minimize our impact on the environment.

Our field camps use 14’ x 16’ tents requiring very little brush clearing. The camps are powered by low-wattage generators, and water is hand-drawn from lakes and rivers. All materials are removed on demobilization, leaving the camp sites as pristine as when we found them.

Wherever possible, we use “minimal cutting” techniques to establish survey grids, leaving lines and trails that become overgrown within a few years. Flagging tape and lake pickets are removed at the end of each survey.
Our survey equipment is generally small enough to be towed by one or two snowmobiles, and most daily operations are carried out on snowshoes.